Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rails Web Service Gotcha: Use Separate Server for Client Testing

Today's painful lesson: If you are developing a web service, and also writing the "client" code that will utilize the web service, don't develop and test both on the same server instance.

In our case, we are exposing some controller code (call it the "server" controller) via a web service, and have a separate controller (call it the "client" controller) that will invoke the service. In the production world, these controllers will be running on separate web servers.

During development, it seemed perfectly reasonable to test both controllers on a single machine. The client code successfully invokes the server code via the web service, but also times out in a bizarre fashion. This occurs under Mongrel and Webrick, and occurs whether the call is made via SOAP, XML-RPC, or REST.

The solution: When on a development machine, start up two Mongrel or Webrick instances on separate ports (say 3000 and 3001). Point your browser at the client controller on port 3000, and be sure the client controller talks to the server controller on port 3001. This requires a bit of environment-specific code, but solves the problem.

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